Kelly Madison Media Offers the Perfect Workout Plan in ‘Make ‘Em Sweat #3’

Nubile teens with one thing on their minds get the perfect workout from their horny coach in “Make ‘Em Sweat #3” from Kelly Madison Media. The four scenes offer the perfect workout, proving sex done right could easily be an Olympic event. Produced by TeenFidelity, the action-packed two-disc DVD ships July 5 from distributor Juicy Entertainment.

“Make ‘Em Sweat #3” brings together a new batch of teens in need of some ball handling instruction, who have ended up in Coach Madison’s after-school program where only the hottest girls are accepted and the price is hot sex! Their sporting skills are hopeless, but Coach Madison still gives them an intense erotic workout and then sends them home sweaty and well-satisfied. The movie includes four hardcore sex scenes shot in state-of-the-art 4K Ultra High Definition.

To view the trailer and box art for “Make ‘Em Sweat #3” click here.

Award-winning filmmaker/performer Ryan Madison, who also directs and produces, performs opposite statuesque blond cover model Alexa Grace and fellow teen starlets Kirsten Lee, Molly Manson, and Rain Summers. Adult superstar Kelly Madison lends her talents as co-producer and art director.

“I loved working with TeenFideilty and Kelly Madison Media!” said Kirsten Lee. “Three hours of softball, an amazing camera man, and Ryan’s passion for his film, made for a great scene!”

To preview of Kirsten Lee’s scene, click here. To preview of Molly Manson’s scene, click here. To preview of Alexa Grace’s scene, and Rain Summers’ scene click here and here.

“Who says you can’t enjoy working out,” asked Kelly Madison. “Sex is the best way to burn calories, and sex with Ryan is truly a sport unto itself. The girls in ‘Make ‘Em Sweat #3’ got the best coach in the business!”

The 2-disc set includes photo galleries, behind-the-scenes footage, POV Fluffing Cam, a cast list, filmographies, trailers, and more.

Wholesale customers can contact Danny Gorman at Juicy Entertainment at Retail customers are invited to inquire about “Make ‘Em Sweat #3” at their online or brick-and-mortar retailer of choice.

About Kelly Madison Media:
With a library of titles dating back nearly 15 years, Kelly Madison Media is synonymous with high quality adult entertainment featuring the biggest names in the industry. Under the leadership of superstar performers Kelly Madison and Ryan Madison, PornFidelity and TeenFidelity have been consistently among fans’ favorite studios featuring the real-life sexual adventures of Kelly and husband Ryan as they hook up with hot and horny young women. With her gorgeous face, Double-F breasts and up-for-anything attitude, Kelly and husband Ryan have created an empire that has continued to grow from a monthly release in the early days to today’s multiple lines of MILF, Teens, fetish and other themes to a great online presence that is updated every single week with brand new content. and related sites include content of over 2,000 episodes with over 1,000 models, showcasing every ethnicity, size, shape, age, breast size, and personality. Each episode has behind the scenes photos and video footage, shot in HD 1080p and all new episodes in 4K, and all downloadable as well as offered in a variety of sizes and formats. The sexy and eclectic sites they produce is a true representation of their oath to “love, honor, cherish and fuck hot girls together for as long as we both shall live.” For more information, visit or

Title: Make ‘Em Sweat #3
Studio: Kelly Madison Media’s TeenFidelity

Distributor: Juicy Entertainment

Rating: XXX
Length: Over 4 hrs.
Format: DVD
Release Date: July 11, 2016