Harriet Sugarcookie Tackles the Realities of Adult Virginity in Latest Blog Post

British adult starlet and popular cam performer Harriet Sugarcookie delicately addresses the issue of adult virginity at her lifestyle website HarrietSugarcookie.com

In her blog post “How Do I Deal with My Anxiety as a Virgin in My 20s?” Sugarcookie addresses a fan’s e-mail query with solid advice backed by an online survey of 500 men of varying ages and backgrounds.

“The results show that there is nothing unusual at all about being a virgin in your twenties,” writes Sugarcookie in the article, noting that 22% of men over the age of 18 are virgins and 38% have limited experience with 1-3 partners.

With limited experience comes anxiety. “You feel like you’re starting from zero when everyone else has had years of practice,” which can lead to a fear of intimacy. “No one likes the idea of rejection… you’ll need to put yourself out there and let someone in eventually.” Sugarcookie’s survey results bear that out, concluding that “nearly every guy will lose his virginity by his thirties.”

Bottom line? Sugarcookie advises to “Go at your own pace… get to know someone, become attracted to them… take things slow because you’re learning and it’s an experience”, adding “If you think you messed up, well, there’s always next time. And the time after that.”

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Adult performer, cam girl, model and lifestyle blogger Harriet Sugarcookie is the very definition of a 21st century porn star. The petite teen Asian beauty from London, England and self-described nerd has parlayed her fresh-faced girl-next door charm into an indie prestige lifestyle brand, harrietsugarcookie.com, chock-full of tech, film, fantasy football, pop culture, personal musings, advice columns and amateur hardcore reality porn with Sugarcookie’s closest friends.

In the short time since Sugarcookie’s 2015 site launch, which has already acquired an impressive 30,000 VIP members keen on enjoying the starlet’s latest NSFW online exploits and free cam shows, the bespectacled ingénue – and former awkward ‘ugly duckling’ – from London, England has blossomed into an independent company boss who calls the shots on the production and distribution of every aspect of her site’s personally-managed content.

Expect new scenes from Sugarcookie with porn star Candee Licious, amateur girl Velvet and a private sex tape with a new treat named Hannah Sugarcookie – a delicious Colombian/Italian mix – coming soon.

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