Red Light Center VR Creates the Very First Virtual Reality Adult World for Consumers

In its currently initial phase, RLCvr currently features two main multi-player experiences – a strip club and a movie theatre – where users are able to navigate their virtual environment either by physically walking around, or by using a game controller, while wearing an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift headset. RLC has aggressive plans to roll out additional new VR compatible regions in the coming weeks and months.

In order to access Red Light Center’s community, members simply create an account, download a Curio browser and go directly to the company splash page. Members control the action on the screen or within their VR headset, enjoy motion-captured stage and lap dances, and they can communicate to each other and the dancers through the built-in voice channels. There are even special events in which the VR porn stars of the world’s top VR studio,, take the stage and perform the lap dances live!

In the massively multi-user theater, consumers have the opportunity to control the screen by pasting virtually any video link into the control panel. When the videos play, every person with an avatar in the region sees the video play. You can present, discuss or just hang out and watch. As long as your friends also have a VR headset, you can now enjoy TV and movie time with them from anywhere in the world. Why leave your home for a theater, when a theater in VR is at your fingertips?

Membership to Red Light Center is included as a free part of the membership price of $20 a month, or $15 a month for the New Red Light Center only.

What does the future for RLCvr hold? VR sex games with converted motion sex into animation? Real sex with real people in VR? More is to come, thanks to RLCvr.

RLC is also offering a referral program through the HoloCash Affiliate Program – part of HologirlsVR.Webmasters and VR marketers have the opportunity to get involved in the promotion of RLCvr and through the HoloCash affiliate program. To become an affiliate, go to and click ‘JOIN’. The site isequipped with a user-friendly interface and a large selection of banners to choose from.

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