Darling Way Founder Beth Liebling Moderates ‘Sex Talk Tuesday’ Tuesday, January 24

Beth Liebling moderates www.sssh.com’s “Sex Talk Tuesday” on Twitter tomorrow, June 28, at Noon PST / 3pm EST. The founder and owner of Houston Heights-based luxury boutique Darling Way (http://darlingway.com) will be discussing ADHD and relationships through her Twitter account, using the hashtag #SexTalkTuesday.

“Since I can’t keep my ADHD out of my bedroom, I can at least share my experiences with the Twitter public and encourage others to join me in doing so,” says Liebling. “There is no replacement for the camaraderie and support one gains from sharing personal experiences, seeking advice, and having open conversations. I look forward to tweeting with people online tomorrow!”

“It’s been many years since I realized I was ADHD, but only recently have I started recognizing how those symptoms affect my romantic relationships,” writes Liebling. “If you, or anyone you love, live with AD(H)D, please join me for a live #SexTalkTuesday Twitter discussion…we will talk openly about how our romantic lives are affected, ways we can improve things, how and when to address the issue with new partners, what advice we have for others and more. I am really looking forward to shedding some light on this topic and learning from everyone else’s experiences.” To read Liebling’s blog post in full, visit http://darlingway.com/blogs/blog/adhd-loving.

“Sex Talk Tuesday” is a fun, informative, and sex-positive event, where the public can chat with a celebrity guest moderator about the sex topic of the week. For more information, visit www.Twitter.com/SexTalkTuesday.

For details on Beth Liebling’s Sex Talk Tuesday Twitter chat, visit http://sextalktuesday.com/event/beth-liebling/.

Darling Way founder and owner Beth Liebling refuses to accept the current view of sexuality; refusing to abide by a view in which emotional intimacy is dismissed as trivial; she abhors the idea that bodies are only beautiful after airbrushing and editing. Liebling knows absolutely there is a better alternative; choosing instead to celebrate beauty, love, and pleasure through artistic, literary, and sensory exploration, rejoicing in all things romantic. A regular guest on “Pillow Talk” on Houston’s ESPN affiliate 97.5FM’s “The Blitz,” Liebling dispenses advice to those looking to bring romance and communication back into relationships.

Liebling’s luxury boutique embraces classical and elegant romanticism as a way of life, and is reminiscent of a different era, when personal relationships were a mainstay of life, romance and courtship flourished, with imagination encouraged and creative expression welcomed. Beauty was recognized in many different forms; the natural human body revered by artists.

The boutique is full of romantic treasures, including elegant gifts, vintage books, inspired menswear, gorgeous lingerie, and more. The treasures found at Darling Way entice the imagination, encouraging joyous and sensual play. Events, including workshops, demonstrations, and salons for discussion, are regularly scheduled at the boutique, to encourage locals and visitors to stop by and engage in meaningful, even controversial, topics of the day. For more information, visit http://darlingway.com.